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The Estate

Hollywood History

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills on secluded three-acres resides Park Hill Estate. Built in the 1920’s, the completely renovated and restored to its classic beauty, Park Hill is a perfect accommodation for private events, personal rental, and corporate shoots.

Room for Royalty

Whether you need space to relax with a scenic view of Hollywood, put on an event for 500 guests, or craft a unique production shoot—Park Hill Estate will welcome all those needs home.

Hollywood History

Built in the 1920’s, Park Hill Estate glimmers with such a vibrant and rich history that is only rivaled by the stars that have graced the grounds, and helmed this as their home.


Stay • Entertain • Work

Park Hill Estate is more than just a beacon of Hollywood History—it is a jewel to be worn by its guests and clients.  Use the estate for either a vacation getaway, host an intimate gathering for your company or event, or take advantage of its beautiful backdrop and grounds for your next campaign, photoshoot, or commerical.

Renovated. Restored. Revived.

A true testiment to Hollywood, Park Hill has been restored with a delicate touch and expanded with attention to details to provide a truly unique experience and stay.

Classic Meet Modern

Old Hollywood of yesterday and the luxuries of today meet to provide a space that relaxes, refreshes, and restores.