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Golden Age Of Hollywood

Built in 1925 by famed architect Charles H. Kyson, the estate was originally referred to as “The Dewitt Mansion”, after early Hollywood developer C.F. Dewitt. The location chosen for this majestic site is situated against the edge of a three-acre hillside with sweeping, gorgeous views across the entire Los Angeles basin. Ordained with a formal dining room, breakfast room, den, music room and billiard, the estate was (and still is) an architectural wonder.

Throughout the years, the estate was called home by notable celebrity socialites —including music industry titant Ralph S. Peer and pop-star Katy Perry.

Restored. Revived.

But in 2016, the estate was reborn.

Through tireless efforts of its new owner, Lorenzo Doumani, the estate was ushered into a new era of comfort and care. Through meticulous attention to detail and respect for its illustrious past, Doumani not only paid homage to the estate—but helped rebirth Park Hill into a new piece of Hollywood History.

By restoring essential elements such as original hand-carved patterns on entryways and hand-painted ceiling murals, Park Hill Estate has been given new life with an original foundation. Utilizing his talents for architecture and development, Doumani’s additions to the estate compliment without compromising its history.

Park Hill Estate invites you to enjoy its rich past and present, and shine with this star of Hollywood.